Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sate Ayam (Chicken Satay)

Found in residential area through out Jakarta, Sate Ayam peddlers usually push a standard two-wheels wooden cart with glass cupboard on the tail side, and a small charcoal stove on the front side.

Raw chicken or sometimes with goat meats are prepared with skewered inside the cupboard, and every time a customer order a dish, a bunch of skewers are barbecued with a help of a large bamboo fan.

One portion of sate ayam usually consists of ten skewers, placed on a small platter mixed with peanut sauce and sweet soy sauce, then served with a dish of cooked rice or lontong.

This particular Sate Ayam peddler is of Madura variant and called him self "Sate Ayam Madura Pertamina", as a reminder that this is the branch of a popular satay restaurant across the street of Pertamina Hospital. The owner of the cart is probably Pak Haji Romli, but the peddler is actually Pak Muhammad. One portion of this satay peddler is 15 thousand rupiah (around US$1.5), which is about upper-level price as others normally sell around 10 thousand rupiah (around a dollar). However Pak Muhammad's satay is juicier and the meat is larger than his competitors. You can find his cart usually around Jalan Gandaria Tengah 1.

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