Sunday, 15 November 2009

Gorengan (Deep Fried Snacks)

Favourite snack among semi-hungry passerby, gorengan peddlers sell all kind of fried snacks such as fried tofu, fried casava, thinly-sliced fried tempe (fermented soy bean), fried banana, fried bakwan (sliced mixed vegetables), and so on.

The most common type of mean to carry their goods is a two wheeled cart with one large glass window box. Half of the space is used by a large stove and pan used to fry the snacks. The other half is used to store their fried foods. A metal tray placed just above the pan is used to drip oils on freshly fried snacks. A wooden panel is also common as a table to help cut the food into smaller chunks, and as a base to shape dough for molen skin (a special kind of fried banana with smooth surface). A drawer is also used to place paper bags and change money. Under the window box, contain the actual stove, gas unit, bucket of dough, and all kind of uncooked food stock.

A characteristic of all gorengan peddler is their large quantity of cooking oil of questionable health. It's so frequently reused that the color turns to dark brown. Check before you buy, make sure the oil is still clear. Another characteristic is they always carry a small bucket that contains a mixture of dough, to dip the raw food before deep frying.

This particular gorengan peddler, found near Jalan Limau 2, cost me 600 rupiah a piece or about a nickel piece. You can have 20 pieces and it only cost you a dollar.

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